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Understanding Hydroseeding And How It Can Be Cared For

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If you have recently worked with a builder to have a new home built on a plot of land you have purchased, then you may need to add some grass seed to the dirt around your property once the building is completed. While you have the option of using traditional methods, like using a seed spreader, to add the seed, hydroseed may be a better idea. Keep reading to learn what hydroseed is, why it is advantageous, and also how you can care for it. 

What Is Hydroseed?

Hydroseeding is another name for hydro-seeding or hydraulic mulch seeding. This type of seeding involves the placement of a mixture of grass seed and mulch. The seed and mulch is also mixed with water to create a slurry. This slurry is added to a large tanker truck, and the contents are sprayed over the earth. For extremely large area, helicopters may be used to spread the hydroseed, but this is something that typically occurs across commercial properties. 

Hydroseeding has many advantages over regular seeding. The mixture of mulch, water, and seed helps to create an environment where grass seed has everything it needs to start growing right away. This means much quicker growth. Also, the water in the mixture keeps the soil and the seed moist, and the mulch prevents the water from evaporating prematurely. The lack of moisture and the premature evaporation of water are two things that can cause grass growth issues.

If you have hills or sloped ground near your new home, then erosion of the soil may be a concern. New grass growth will help to reduce some erosion concerns. However, the tilling of the soil to place traditional grass seed can significantly contribute to erosion. Hydroseed prevents this sort of problem by entirely reducing the need for tilling and soil disruption.

Like other types of seeding, hydroseeding allows you to choose the type of grass seed that works well for your property. You should work with a professional from a company like Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc before the seeding is scheduled to make sure you choose the right seed for your area. Grass should be chosen depending on the amount of sun in the area as well as the specific growing region.

How Can Hydroseed Be Cared For?

If you do decide to invest in hydroseeding on the new property, then you should make sure that you care for it properly. One of the most important things you should do is set up irrigation so the seed receives a continuous supply of water. While the seed will contain a slurry of water, a good deal of this water will seep into the soil. Consistent and constant moisture is needed for the seed to germinate. Work with your contractor to set up a permanent water irrigation system, or set out sprinklers around your property at regular intervals. You want to make sure that the sprinklers are able to deliver water to all of the hydroseed. Connect or time the sprinklers so they water your lawn sometime in the morning. The best time to water is in the morning between 6 AM and 8 AM.

When the hydroseed has just been sprayed on the lawn, you should not walk on it. This is similar to what you would do if regular seed were added to the property. Walking on the hydroseed can bury the seeds deep in the earth and it can damage newly germinated grass. Try to stay away from the grass until it has grown at least a few inches tall. Also, do not think about mowing until the grass is at least about four inches tall to start. 

Once your grass starts to grow, you should look for areas where the hydroseed may have washed away due to rain or overwatering of the lawn. Spread regular seed in any area where you see bare spots. Asking your contractor for a bag of seed that matches the hydroseed is a good idea to make sure you can plant after spraying.