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Removing Dandelions With Natural Methods

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If you have noticed several dandelions cropping up within your lawn, you are most likely concerned about their presence. Dandelions are known to stop the growing of grass and other plants in the area as their roots will overcrowd foliage you wish to remain. There are several steps you can take to aid in the elimination of dandelions without needing to use harsh chemicals to do so. Try some of the following tips to help in keeping your lawn lush and green without these weeds in the mix.

Add Shade To Keep Dandelions Away

Dandelions do not thrive as easily when there are shaded conditions present. Consider adding shade to areas where dandelions are in abundance. This can be done with the addition of a raised tarp or pop-up canopy over the parcel of land where these weeds are located. Make sure to construct your temporary shading device when the sun is expected to be shining directly over the area where dandelions are in excessive numbers. Remove your device in the evening.

Cut Your Grass At More Frequent Intervals

Blades of grass will provide shade to the soil, stopping dandelions from growing in a healthy state. Consider changing the way you mow your lawn so the grass will be kept at a higher length so dandelions do not thrive. This will require you to mow at more frequent intervals as you will be using a higher setting on your lawn mower when you do cut your grass. You will notice within a few weeks that the dandelion numbers have subsided since they were not able to get enough sunlight to grow strong and healthy.

Pull Dandelions From Your Yard With A Tool

Dandelions can be removed with aid from a weed pulling tool. These are constructed so you can insert the metal prongs on the device under the base of the weed. When you pull upward, the root will be attached to the dandelion so it does not regrow. It is important to be careful not to knock off the head of a white, puffy dandelion so seeds are not dispersed during the removal process.

Use Conventional Methods To Kill Weeds

Dandelions can be killed by pouring scalding water over them. Simply boil a pot of water and use the contents to kill dandelions completely. Another method is to place black trash bags on the ground where several dandelions are present. The bags will attract heat, leading to wilted weeds when you remove the bags. You can then use your weed pulling tool to remove them.

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