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Things To Take Into Account When Designing A Patio

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Having a patio in the backyard can make the area so much more user-friendly. It can be a place for relaxing in the sun, eating outside or entertaining. However, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration to get the best results.


The size of the patio will depend both on the size of the yard and the intended use for the patio. Those who plan to have an outdoor kitchen or entertain a lot may need a bigger patio than those who just want a small area for a couple of chairs and side tables. A large patio that's mostly empty won't be very welcoming, while a patio that's too crowded won't be relaxing to use. Consider everything that's going to go on the patio and make sure you will have plenty of room. Some people buy the furniture first and lay it out to get a better idea of the size and shape of patio they'll require.


The first place most people think of locating a patio is right behind the house. This is helpful if you plan to eat outside a lot and aren't going to have an outdoor kitchen, but it isn't the only factor that's important. Think about where the sun is during the various times of the day. If you like to sit in the shade during the day and the area behind the house is very sunny, maybe the patio should be a bit further away where there's some shade or else you'll need to have the patio builders add some type of covering over the area, such as a retractable awning. Likewise, if the house provides a lot of shade and you want to spend time sunbathing, this isn't the perfect location for the patio. Don't locate the patio at the lowest point of the yard, or there may be moisture and mold issues.

Local Laws

Keep in mind that in some areas a building permit is needed to add a patio, so make sure the landscape contractors, like Advanced  Landscape Solutions, are prepared. They'll most likely need to pay a fee and submit the plans first, and the plans may need to be changed to suit local zoning laws.

Utility Access

Make sure you know where all the utility lines are buried. You don't want to cover these up with a patio or if something happens, the patio may have to be damaged to access the utility lines to repair them.

Maintenance Requirements

People often prefer patios that don't involve a lot of maintenance. Make sure there is plenty of drainage built in so there's less of a risk of mold or mildew. Understand that natural stone sometimes needs to be sealed regularly to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, all that's necessary may be to sweep off or hose off the patio from time to time.