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3 Factors To Consider To Help You Determine When To Remove A Diseased Tree

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Trees make yards look nicer and are great for providing shade, but there are times when it is better to have a tree removed than to simply ignore it. Trees that are infected with diseases will often need to be removed; however, there might be ways to treat the disease that could help you save the tree. If you have a diseased tree and are not sure if you should have it removed, here are three factors you may want to consider to help you decide what to do.

Have You Treated The Disease?

The first thing to consider is treatment for the tree. Many trees can be saved if they have diseases; however, they may need professional treatment. If your tree has any type of disease, hire a company to inspect it and provide you with an opinion on it. It the tree company feels they can treat the tree and save it, this may be worth a try. The worst that can happen is that the tree will not recover from the disease and you may then need to get it removed.

How Much Of The Tree Is Damaged?

When a tree company inspects the tree, they will look at several different things. The first is the type of disease the tree has, because this will help them know how to treat it and if they should treat it. They may also look at the amount of damage the tree has. If a tree has only minor damage, it can most likely be saved. If the tree is over 50% damaged already, it may be hard to save the tree. Having the tree accessed is a great step to take before you decide what to do.

Would It Cause Harm If It Fell?

The other factor you should consider is the damage the tree could do if it fell. Is this tree leaning towards your house or car? If so, you may want to consider having the tree removed before it falls, especially if the tree is severely damaged from the disease. If the tree is not likely to cause damage to anything if it fell, the need to have it removed will not be as urgent.

If you have a diseased or dead tree and are not sure if you should have it removed, you may want to call a tree company to have them inspect and assess the tree in question.