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DIY Landscape? A List Of Basic Landscape Supplies You Will Need

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If you want to design and build your own landscape around your home, you will first need to design the landscape. Do you want bushes, flowers, evergreen bushes, etc.? Do you want really straight, angular lines, or do you like curves, circles, semi-circles and other forms outlining the landscaped areas? These are all things to consider when you begin this project. Here is also your basic list of landscape supplies to get started.

Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric comes on long rolls and is typically black, slate gray or green. It is a tough, somewhat opaque woven fabric that is lightweight and easy to cut. You use this fabric to line kids' sandboxes and to cover the ground where you intend to plant flowers and bushes. It is excellent for keeping out weeds and letting rain and water seep through to the roots of your plants. You can hide the fabric with more dirt, or you can sprinkle colored mulch or colored bark nuggets over the top of the fabric.

Mulch or Bark Nuggets

Mulch helps retain moisture for plants and shrubs that need extra water or retaining moisture during a drought. Bark nuggets are made from trees that have a strong odor, which typically keeps rabbits and other rodents from snacking on your plants. You can chose either or both of these products for landscape filler. Best of all, you can buy either of these products in a variety of colors so that your landscaped areas are both attractive and functional.

Retaining Bricks

Retaining bricks serve two purposes. One, they build a decorative wall around the landscaped areas. Two, they hold down the edges of your landscape fabric and prevent your bark nuggets and/or mulch from trickling down into the yard. You can also choose a couple of different styles and multiple colors for your retaining bricks.

Garden Spade

A garden spade is a multipurpose tool. You can use it to dig up dirt, push down on the edges of landscape fabric, create spaces for your retaining bricks to sit in the ground, plant your flowers and shrubs, and even shovel your mulch or bark nuggets onto the landscape fabric. Buy a long, wooden-handled, steel-ended spade because they tend to hold up the longest. If you want, you can also buy a hand-held garden spade to poke holes in the landscape fabric for your flowers and plants to go into the ground and grow up through.

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