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2 Ways To Manage Your Storm Water Runoff

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Controlling and managing the storm water runoff that you may get at your house can be problematic. That runoff can cause all kinds of problems, including localized flooding. However, there are things that you can do that will help manage the problem. 

Collect Rainwater

One thing that you can do to help control storm runoff is to collect the rainwater. You can use that water to do things like water your garden or lawn. There are several ways that you can do it, but generally, you need to make sure that you have barrels that you safely gather and store the water in. You can do it by adjusting your downspouts so that they go directly into the barrel. If you do that, make sure that you leave yourself enough room to move barrels around as necessary. You can also use something called a rain chain. These are chains that you can hang from various parts of your overhangs and then put in a barrel. The water will flow down the chain into the barrel. The nice thing about rain chains is that they can be very decorative as well as functional. 

Get Rid of Impervious Surfaces

Another way to manage storm water runoff is to make sure that it can actually reach the soil. To do this you need to make sure that the water has as much access to the soil as possible. Getting rid of hard surfaces that don't absorb water will do that. There are ways you can keep things like walkways and patios while still limiting those hard surfaces. For example, instead of having a cement walkway, you could go with paving stones. You can use the paving stones like stepping stones which will expose a lot of soil. Or, you could use the paving stones to create a full walkway. Since the stones are fitted together, there are gaps that the water can easily get through. With a gravel bed under the stones, there is even better drainage. Another option is to go with permeable cement. This product is designed to absorb water and let it pass through it and then down into the drainage and soil underneath it. 

If you are trying to come up with ways to manage the storm water runoff that happens at your house, you have options open to you. Managing that runoff can help handle localized flooding and even keep things like rivers and streams less polluted. 

Contact local water management services for more tips and tricks!