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Looking For Ways To Improve Your Yard? A Few Reasons To Build A Retaining Wall

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Whether your yard has problems with the way water flows, erosion, or you want to add to the look and feel of it, you should consider building a retaining wall. This can be made from bricks, stones, or wood to compliment your home. If you aren't sure about having one built, consider the following as you walk around your property:

Water Flow

Having a yard that slopes down toward your home is not good. It might not seem like a big deal, and it doesn't have to be a steep slope, but if water tends to run toward your home when it rains, or the snow melts, it can cause foundation problems. Any moisture that rests against the concrete can seep into the pores. In the winter, the water will freeze and can cause cracks. In the hotter weather, it will cause the concrete to break down and disintegrate. You need to have some extra soil brought in to raise the ground level around the house. For best results, you should create a level that is higher than the surrounding area instead of just making it all even. Then, have a retaining wall built to hold the new soil in place.


If your lawn is sloped away from the house, the problem is that the soil will slowly erode. The best way to handle this is by having a retaining wall at the edge of the property. Again, extra soil can be brought in to make the yard more level, and then the wall created to keep it all there. Leave an open space on the sidewalk for a step or two up into your yard. Not only will this help any erosion issues, but will give a definite border to your property and help keep people from walking in your yard.


While some people like the look of a perfectly flat, level yard, others prefer to add some contours. You can have one, or many retaining walls built to create different elevations. These can be used for different garden beds, to define an area, or just for visual appeal.

Retaining walls can be straight and simple, or curved and winding. You decide how you want your yard landscaped and go from there. No matter what the reason for building it, the end result should be appealing and improve the overall look of your property. If you aren't sure of the best way to build it, contact a landscape designer for help.

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