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Plan Next Summer's Landscaping Now

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Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Perhaps you love to do outdoor entertaining with friends and your family. If so, you might be a little sad that summer is over. Even though summer of 2017 is a thing of the past, this might be the very best time for you to plan next summer's landscaping. From making an evaluation to your existing landscaping to including a swimming pool installation, here are some ideas on how to plan a beautiful back yard during these cooler months. 

Make An Evaluation

Start by writing down the names of plants that flourished. Check out areas that need extra landscaping, and think of where you would install a swimming pool.

Consider the type of pool landscaping you want, including waterfalls, water slides, or other features.

As you make the evaluation of your back yard, put your plan on paper. Don't forget to use a pencil so that you can erase as you make changes. Using graph paper, think of sketching the entire vision of what you want as your landscaping. For example, look at the configuration of your yard and draw in different pool shapes to see which one would work best in your back yard. If you are including a hot tub, think of where you would put it, or if it would be attached to the swimming pool.

Talk To Professionals  

If you are installing a swimming pool, talk to different pool companies. Ask to see pictures of pools they have installed in the past, and find out if it would be best to have a hot tub as part of the pool or in a separate area. Also find out what is involved in pool maintenance, including the cost of supplies.

This might be a great time for you to have a swimming pool installed. In fact, you might find that installing a swimming pool in the cooler months is more affordable than waiting for the  summer months. The great part about doing the pool installation now is that your kids will have the realization that they can't possibly swim in the frigid months. Instead, they will have summer swimming to look forward to.

Talk to a rep at the swimming pool company to find out what they recommend for landscaping. For example, you might want to include a waterfall garden as part of the swimming pool design. Another idea is to use large rocks or different shapes and textures in your pool landscaping. Check out sites like to get started.