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4 Creative Uses For Landscape Curbing That Solve Yard Problems

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If your yard feels a little unkempt, the solution might be easier and lower maintenance than you thought. Landscape curbing can fix many imperfections in the yard and even make it more efficient. How?

Here are four ways to make things better in any yard with landscape curbing:

Border the Lawn. Few things make a lawn look nicer and more manicured better than a solid edge of curbing. Unlike many other forms of edging, concrete curbing forms a solid, unbroken, and unblemished line around the grass. It keeps dirt or mulch off the grass and prevents grass from propagating unevenly to form irregular borders. You can even use curbing to create a slightly smaller shape around a lawn—such as a kidney bean or oval shape—to reduce its size while keeping it beautiful. 

Flower Beds. Make your flower beds easier to maintain by lining them with curbing. One of the biggest advantages of curbing around beds is that you can form it into any shape you want. Work with the natural flow of the yard, gently circling trees and bushes. You can even give the beds a sort of makeover, such as creating a more formal bed with straight, even lines or adding new fun with random curves and gentle playfulness. 

Border Specialty Spaces. Define your entertainment and lounge space with an attractive low curb border for a lot less money than many other forms of edging. By giving structure to where you want to entertain and enjoy your hardscape, you can dress up even simpler spaces like a plain patio, pavers, or flagstones. Do you have other areas you want to define for a special use? You could edge around the garden, along with a path, around outbuildings, or the driveway. 

Change Elevations. If you have natural slopes in the yard or an otherwise uneven landscape, concrete curbing can help navigate the elevation changes. Because it adds height and flows organically with the shape of the ground, you can raise or lower the lawn, walkways, and even border beds without awkward transitions. This method works especially well to help pathways meander through the yard. 

Landscape curbing is more versatile than most homeowners realize. By looking for ways to use it to dress up spaces, add structure to the yard, and make the yard even more low maintenance, you'll soon find that this type of edging may just become one of your favorite parts of your property. Contact a company like Alpine Curbing for more information and assistance.