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Stop Erosion By Planting Perennials And Installing A Retaining Border On Your Property

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Water, wind, and gravity can cause soil to drift from one part of your property to another one. As a result of erosion, the surface of land may appear to be uneven. If you have noticed the effects of soil erosion along the front of your home's exterior, planting vegetation and installing a retaining border can stop erosion from occurring any longer. The following project describes how to install a basic border and plant perennials inside of it.


  • stakes
  • flexible tape measure
  • topsoil
  • shovel
  • thick paving stones
  • garden tiller
  • small shovel
  • perennials 
  • sprinkler system

Add Soil To The Ground And Purchase Paving Materials

Decide how large you would like the barricade to be. Choose a square or rectangular-shaped portion of the ground and mark the corners of it with metal or wooden stakes that have sharp ends. Assess the soil that is inside of the marked section. If there are noticeable indentations where soil is missing, purchase a couple bags of topsoil to fill the depressions.

Stop by a landscaping business to choose paving materials. Paving stones that are several inches thick will remain stable after they are pressed into the ground and will shield the soil that is contained in the plot. 

Install A Border, Aerate Soil, And Plant Perennials

Use the stakes as guides as you line up paving stones next to each other. Try to keep the paving stones close together so that soil will not escape through gaps. To stabilize the stone barrier, press the paving stones against the surface of the ground.

Use a garden tiller to aerate the soil that is contained in the stone barricade. Move the tiller across the soil several times. As you perform this step, clumps of dirt will loosen so that you won't have difficulty digging into the ground when you are ready to plant the perennials.

If you don't have a green thumb and are unaware of what types of plants will grow well in the state that you live in, stop by a nursery or landscaping company to inquire about hardy perennials that are easy to care for. Choose plants that will grow quickly and cover the property inside of the barricade.

After purchasing perennials and bringing them home,  decide where you would like to plant each perennial before digging holes inside of the stone barricade. After planting the perennials, use a sprinkler system to add water to the inside of the barricade. To learn more, contact a company like Holleman Hydroseeding & Erosion Control LLC