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How To Tell If Your Roses Are Diseased

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You love your roses and have several varieties of these beautiful, classic blooms adorning your landscape. While most of the time your roses are robust and vibrant, you've noticed that a few of your bushes appear to be tired, wilted, and lacking in color. What's worse, some of your roses appear to be blooming poorly, resulting in lots of dead-heading and empty bushes on your part.

Your roses should thrive with tender and knowledgeable care. Sometimes, however, no matter how hard you try, you cannot prevent certain illnesses, such as parasite infestation, poor soil conditions, and rose-killing diseases, from getting to your beautiful garden. Here are signs your roses are diseased so you can call your landscaper for further advice and treatment.

Inconsistent Health

If one part of your rosebushes appears lustrous and full of green leaves, healthy stems, and blooming roses but another side of the same bush is sagging, has brown leaves, and bloomed flowers (if any) are wilting or lacking color, your roses may be diseased. Call your landscaper so they can inspect your entire rosebush to remove the affected area before it takes over the whole plant.

Dead Leaves

Perhaps an entire rosebush is showing signs of illness with scorched, dead or dying leaves, wilting or non-budding flowers, or easily breakable branches. A dead rosebush can be brought to life again once the trauma has been removed from the entire plant, but only if the disease is caught soon enough. Your landscaper can use special chemical and earth-nutrient treatments to revive dead or dying rosebushes.

Damaged Leaves/Flowers

Look closely at your rosebushes: are your roses covered in tiny holes or ridges? Is the skin of your rosebush stems exposed? Are the leaves covered in holes or bite marks?

Some bugs, such as aphids, will also leave behind a sticky substance that looks like little drops of sugar water all over your plants. When bugs eat at your roses, they make your roses look unkempt and unhealthy and can damage the root structure of your delicate flowers. Before you spray your roses with any kind of pesticide, call your landscaper or advice. Your landscaper may recommend a certain brand of insect spray that will kill any pests without damaging your tender, fragile flowers.

Knowing what may be causing your roses to be unhealthy can help you preserve your blooms longer. Call your landscaper if you have any issues with your roses. For more information, contact a company like Velvet Touch Rose Care.