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3 Tips For Improving Your Lawn Next Spring With Treatments For Fall And Winter

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With the cold weather and the leaves falling off the trees, it is time to do landscaping maintenance. When you are cleaning up leaves and debris from trees, you may also want to consider treatments and improvements that will give you a green lawn next spring. Some of the things you may want to consider include overseeding, hydroseeding treatments, and a fresh layer of nutrient-rich soil. Here are some tips to help improve your lawn this fall to that will make it greener next spring:

1. Overseeding for A Green Winter Lawn and Healthy Spring Growth

Overseeding is a great way to prepare your lawn during the fall and winter months. The process should start with aerating the lawn to allow air to circulate to the root system. The next step is to apply a mixture of seed to your lawn, which will allow for healthy new growth and a greener lawn. The added benefit of overseeding is that it will allow help to keep your grass green during the winter months.

2. Hydroseeding To Help Establish Healthy New Growth for A Greener Lawn

Hydroseeding is another option to consider for making your lawn green for the winter months. This is a special treatment that combines a specially developed seed mixture, fertilizer, and a medium for storing moisture. It is an ideal solution to provide healthy new grass over fresh soils. Using a hydroseeding treatment will work best if you apply a good lawn soil mixture first, and then apply the hydroseeding treatment over the fresh soil.

3. Fresh Soil Mixture for A Better, Smoother Healthier Lawn Next Spring

There are many ways that you can use treatments of fresh soil during the fall and winter months. Adding a good blended soil mixture before doing hydroseeding treatments will give you healthier turf. You may also want to use soil mixtures for fixing low spots in the lawn and making the grass healthier. Good, nutrient-rich soils that you apply during the fall and winter months will help to ensure you have greener grass when spring arrives.

These are some tips to do lawn improvements this fall that will give you a greener lawn next spring. If you are ready to start fall and winter lawn improvement projects, contact a soil service and talk with them about soil mixes for healthier grass next spring. With the right treatments now, you will have a healthier, greener lawn next spring.