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4 Creative Hardscaping Features To Add To Your Outdoor Living Space And Landscaping Design

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If you want to create an outdoor living space for your home, there are features that you want to have to make the space custom and comfortable. The design may include hardscaping features like finished outdoor floors, retaining walls, and grills for cooking space. The hardscaping can have some of the features integrated into them, such as bench sofas integrated into retaining walls and fire pits or barbecues. The following creative ideas are some of the features that you may want to consider adding to the hardscaping of your outdoor living space.

Unique Fire Pits and Grilling Areas into Retaining Walls in Outdoor Living Space  

There are many options for grilling and fireplace features that can be integrated into the design of your landscaping for outdoor living space. If you want to have a simple design for your outdoor cooking and fire features, a simple circular fire pit made of a stone retaining wall is a great option. In addition, there are also options for brick and stone grilling features that can also be used as smokers and integrated into outdoor kitchen designs.  

Creative Bench Seating with Cushions, Storage and Other Great Features  

Another option that you will want to consider for your outdoor living space is bench seating, which can be integrated into the design of retaining walls. These features can have a wood finish and cushions to make them comfortable sofas for your outdoor living space. In addition, you may want to make them hollow with hinged wood lids, which can give you outdoor storage as well.  

Integrating the Hardscaping into Enclosures and Cover Spaces in Your Outdoor Living Space  

There may also be covered areas that you want to have integrated into your outdoor living space to make it cozier and more comfortable. Use stone for retaining walls to help make the features of these coverings and enclosures match the design of your outdoor living space.  

Recessed Areas and Retaining Walls to Create More Level Space for Your Outdoor Living Space Design  

There are also options to use retaining walls of your hardscaping to create more usable outdoor space for your living areas.  Sometimes, the landscape around your home may make it difficult to create the outdoor space you want. Therefore, you may want to consider using retaining walls to create more useable level areas, which can also be recessed into the elevations around your home. Recessed spaces will make it easier to have privacy and a unique design for these spaces.  

These are some ideas that you may want to consider to add unique features for the hardscaping in your outdoor living space design. If you are ready to start finishing your outdoor spaces, contact a retaining wall service like Rock Solid Services LLC for help and talk to them about some of these ideas to integrate interesting features into your hardscaping.