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3 Ideas For Adding A Vegetable Garden To A Desert Yard

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When you live in a desert, having a garden may seem impossible, but it can be a fantastic way to enjoy spending time outdoors and have fresh vegetables to incorporate into your cooking. If you're eager to have a garden put in, but are hesitant due to the desert climate you live in, it's such a good idea to include a few projects that can make a difference in how well the garden thrives.

Opt for Raised Planter Boxes

In a desert climate, it's unlikely that you have a lush yard that is prime for growing anything in. In some cases, the soil could be full of sand or dirt and make it impossible for you to start a garden. Having planter beds can be a great decision since it can help you use whatever soil you want and have a good foundation for any plants.

Raised planter beds can either be purchased or built on your own, but you'll need to consider the landscaping of your entire yard so that they're installed in the ideal spot.

Add More Shade to Your Yard

One thing that can come with a desert climate is a lot of direct sunlight. While this can be nice for some plants, it's not ideal for the majority of vegetables you may be interested in growing. Adding shade to the yard can be done either through having an overhang installed, setting up the planters underneath a tree, or having new shade trees planted.

With more shade added to your yard, it should be much easier to grow vegetables and keep the planters thriving.

Consider the Watering Needed

If you want your garden to thrive, you'll need to make adjustments so that watering your vegetables won't be as difficult. With the harsh sun and warmer temperatures that come with living in a desert, you may want to have an irrigation system installed. Whether you opt for manual or automatic watering, you should arrange for the watering to be done before the sun rises so that your plants can better absorb the water.

Making a few adjustments when planting a garden can make all the difference when you live in a desert. Instead of thinking that a garden won't be an option when you live in a desert, you can put some extra effort into setting up the garden so that your vegetables will grow well and you won't run into issues due to the climate.

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