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Tree Trimming And Care Recommendations For Landscape Trees

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The health of your trees within your yard's landscaping is an important feature and value to your property, so you should take care of them with regular care and trimming. In addition to providing your trees regular water, you will also need to remove dead branches and keep the tree trimmed in a healthy shape to withstand winds and time. Here are some recommendations to help you better care for your yard trees with maintenance, care, and regular trimming for healthy growth.

Complete Recommended Clean-Up

There are some regular tasks you can and should complete to your yard trees on a regular basis. These tasks are pretty simple and straightforward and you can follow with some basic instructions to provide good maintenance to your trees. 

Your tree's branches can grow out at various angles, and not all of them are going to be healthy for it. For example, branches that grow out through the tree's main branches at an unusual angle can put other branches at risk of breaking and will be at risk of breaking off themselves and damaging your tree. So, if you see any smaller branches growing at an unusual angle through the tree, trim them off. The tree's branches should overall grow upward and outward in a fan-like direction.

Trim off obvious dead branches and limbs, which will not have any leaf growth during the growing season. If you are trimming in the fall or early spring, look at the condition of the bark and the wood underneath it. If the wood under the bark is moist-looking or green, the branch is still alive. Otherwise, a dead branch will be dry and brown.

Watch out for and trim off any sucker branches, which will grow in clusters upright on an area of an existing branch. These can also grow upward from the tree's roots and the base of the trunk. This type of growth can also indicate stress or disease in your tree, so you may want to contact a tree professional about its health. 

Manage the Tree's Base

The base of your tree should be cared for so the surrounding environment promotes its health and provides adequate moisture and nutrients. A mulch layer around the base of your tree that extends out to the drip line is going to help your tree by keeping moisture in the soil and avoiding growth that may compete for soil essentials. Be sure you don't apply mulch right up around the base of the trunk, but keep several inches of soil clear so you don't harbor any insects or disease in the area around the trunk.

For more information, contact a tree trimming service