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Your Guide to Tree Removal Before Dealing With Trees on Your Property

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When you have hazardous trees to deal with on your property, they may require professional removal. Usually, you will not be able to cut the trees down without some preparation. Therefore there are things that you will need to know before beginning a tree removal project. The following tree removal information will provide you with everything you need to know to get started dealing with these issues:

Get a Professional Arborist's Opinion

You want to get the professional opinion of an arborist if you think you have a problem with your trees. Some of the things a professional arborist will be able to help with before a tree removal include:

  • Assessing the trees on your property
  • Recommending options for treatment or removal if needed
  • Providing a written report of issues with trees that need to be addressed

The professional arborist reports can often be provided by the tree service that does the removal.

Discuss Options for Treatment Before Removal

There are also options for treatments that you want to consider before having a removal done. Some of the options for treatments that may want to ask about before removal include:

  • Trimming the hazardous growth
  • Treating problems with insects or disease
  • Topping the tree while waiting to complete the removal

The treatments are sometimes needed to deal with issues until a tree can be completely removed from your property.

Get the Required Permits to Begin Preparing for Removal

In many areas, you are going to be required to get permits before trees can be removed. The requirements you may need to meet to get a tree removal permit include:

  • Trees need to meet certain size requirements
  • Documented hazards to property
  • The tree is not an endangered species

The permits are required by many local governments to preserve green space and prevent healthy trees from being cut down.

Tree Removal and Dealing With the Stump

There may be issues with stumps that need to be dealt with before having a removal done. The stump is going to need to be dealt with to begin landscaping projects after the trees are gone. Some things that can be done to deal with stumps include:

  • Burning the small stumps
  • Digging up the stump
  • Grinding the stump back into the soil

The tree stumps can be some of the most difficult issues to deal with when having tree removal done. Thus, you may want to talk to your tree service about stump grinding services to remove stumps.

Many of the problems with trees can be avoided with good care and dealing with problems before they become too severe. If trees on your property have become hazards, you will want to contact a tree removal service for help removing them.