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5 Reasons To Brush Mulch A Lot Before Selling It

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When trying to sell an empty lot, appearances do matter. Clearing the lot of unsightly brush can help potential buyers better envision the usage of the land. 

1. Speedy Removal

When it comes to land clearing, brush mulching is one of the fastest methods available. The mulching equipment used both chops down brush and saplings, and then grinds them to mulch on the spot. Larger trees will still need to be cut down and stumps ground out using traditional means, but brush mulching may be the only task necessary for an overgrown cleared lot. 

2. Low Cost

Brush mulching is lower cost than other options in part due to the speed mentioned above — a quicker process equates to lower labor costs when it comes to removing brush. Further, there are no disposal fees since the mulch is typically left on-site where it provides the benefit of suppressing future plant growth and feeding the soil with fresh nutrients as it decomposes. 

3. Minimal Permitting 

Certain clearing techniques, such as burning, require permits in order to proceed. Permits sometimes come with fees as well as a lengthy process for getting approval. When the permits are for lot clearing methods that include fire, you will also be at the mercy of the weather and local fire conditions. Brush mulching doesn't typically require any permits unless there must be road or sidewalk closures in order to move in the mulching equipment. 

4. Value Preservation

How you control brush on a lot can affect the value of the property. In a residential neighborhood, for example, buyers may be more drawn to lots with one or two healthy mature trees. Brush mulching doesn't damage large trees or their roots, so you can quickly clear the lot while retaining the trees' value. Further, since there is no excavation used in this method the topsoil is also preserved, which can be a valuable thing for certain land usages.

5. Eco-Friendly

Mulching is one of the more environmentally friendly choices for clearing land. There is no air pollution from a fire, for example. In addition, the mulch is left in place, where its nutrients feed the soil as it breaks down. Further, that layer of mulch prevents erosion issues on and around your lot so that water runoff doesn't become an issue after clearing.

Clearing a property takes the right work. Contact a brush mulching service if you would like more information.