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Recommendations To Help You Order And Use Your Mulch Products Properly

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Mulch added to your yard's landscaping immediately improves its appearance and quality of your vegetation growth. Mulch can suppress and control weed growth, aid in moisture retention within the soil, and help prevent soil erosion from wind and moisture. Here are some helpful recommendations for you to use as you order and install mulch products in your landscaping.

Consider Mulch Materials

There are several different types of mulch material that you can use for an effective and attractive covering over your landscaping soil. Some mulch materials are made of wood chips, others are recycled rubber, and another type of mulch is made of crushed and decorative rock. When you layer in a mulch over your bedding soil, you can provide beneficial help to the soil and also to vegetation growing within the ground. Just be sure you consider the type of vegetation and use a mulch that is not going to be harsh or damaging to your plants. For example, pine straw can be damaging to some types of delicate plants, as they make the soil more acidic. 

Wood is a popular mulch material, as it can be made of bark pieces, wood chips, or wood shavings. Wood will decompose as it sits on the soil and put minerals back into the soil for your plants to use, which will make the soil rich and dark in color.

When you are ready to order your mulch product, be sure you order the right amount with a good calculation of your coverage needs. Add an additional five to ten percent more to allow for yourself extra coverage and so you don't shorten your landscaping needs. You can find the right amount of mulch either by the bag or by the truck load.

Work With the Soil

The soil where you plan to pour over a layer of mulch should be ready to receive the mulch and your vegetation plants. Rototill the soil over your bedding areas to loosen it up and prepare it for vegetation and subsequent mulch application. This will help you work in the soil as you plant shrubbery, flowers, and trees. As your mulch sits and breaks down slowly over time, it will continue to enrich the soil with nutrients and create the perfect environment for helpful earthworms that will further loosen and enrich the soil.

If you plan to install an irrigation system with drip delivery or sprinkler heads, you can install this directly over the surface of your soil. The mulch covering will hold the irrigation system in place. 

For trees, plan to install mulch around the base of the trunk but leaving a gap of several inches where the soil is exposed. Mulch can hold moisture onto the outside of your tree trunk and cause disease to occur.

For more information about buying bulk mulch, contact a landscaping company near you.