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The Advantages Of Gas Fire Logs Over Wood-Burning Fireplaces

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There's something magical about the sight of a log burning in a fire. However, burning real wood is not the only way to create this scene. Now, you can buy gas fireplaces that are designed to look like they're burning an actual log. In reality, however, the fireplace is burning either natural gas or propane. The log is just decoration — as realistic as it might appear. So, what are the advantages of choosing one of these gas log fireplaces over a real, wood-burning one? Take a look.

Gas log fireplaces create much less mess

Wood-burning fireplaces are messy. The logs create a mess while you store them. As the fire burns, soot is released, and you eventually need to have it professionally cleaned out of your fireplace and chimney. Gas log fireplaces, on the other hand, don't make any mess. You'll never need to sweep wood debris off your floor or contact a chimney sweep to come remove creosote from your chimney.

Gas log fireplaces are less costly to operate

If you have wood on your land, then operating a wood fireplace is essentially free other than the labor involved with cutting and stacking the wood. But if you have to buy wood to burn, it can get expensive. It's not always easy to find a supplier, either. Natural gas, on the other hand, is a very affordable fuel. As long as you already have gas lines running into your home, you already have an account with the gas company. Your bill will just be slightly higher once you start using your gas log fireplace.

Gas log fireplaces are safer

A lot can happen with a wood-burning fireplace. A log can tumble out, starting a fire. The fireplace can get blocked, leading to smoke accumulation or a chimney fire. Gas log fireplaces are not exactly risk-free, but they are much safer. If anything happens, you can just turn off the gas and put the fire out, rather than having to douse it with water. You can also easily turn the fire off in an instant if you have kids over or want to leave pets unattended in the room.

Gas log fireplaces look quite authentic, but they are a much better choice than a wood-burning fireplace, as explained above. Look into a few gas fireplace options, and you'll likely find one that you enjoy. Have a safe, fun time around the fire. Go to sites about fireplaces to learn more about gas fire logs.