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Staring Up A New Business? 2 Tips For Landscaping The Exterior

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When starting up a new business, you should know that the property's landscaping is very important. This not only gives your customers a great first impression of you and your company, but you will feel good knowing everything looks great. Keep reading on for two landscaping tips you should follow to get you started.

Plant Flowers

Flowers are important in landscaping as they can bring a pop of color anywhere you want. When choosing flowers, you should choose ones that are easy to maintain and that grow well in your region. To do this, consider native flowers. Perennials work great as you will not have to worry about replanting new flowers every year. If you want to change things up from year to year, opt for annuals.

The placement of the flowers is important. Plant some in the front of your building. You can also plant some flowers at the entrance. Start out with spring flowers, which include things like pansies, tulips, daffodils, violas, and crocuses. All these flowers provide you with colorful blooms. 

After the spring growing season is over, you can then plant summer flowers to continue the beautiful blooms. Great summer flowers include magnolias, geraniums, peonies, and asters. These flowers are also fragrant so place them near the entrance. There are fall flowers you can plant after summer is over, including chrysanthemums, peonies, and irises. 

Use Hardscaping and Features

Adding hardscaping and features to your landscaping can make it look interesting. This includes something like installing water fountains. Water fountains provide a calming sound to customers walking into your business. Choose a larger water fountain to make it stand out even more. 

Create a patio and set furniture on it for people to sit outside. Place the patio near the water fountain. You can use a variety of flooring for a patio from concrete, stones, brick, and more. Add a cover over the patio to protect customers from the sun and the rain. Also, add some sculptures that complement your business and are appealing. 

Install a pathway that leads to a feature or the patio. The walkway can be made of stone, concrete, and more. Plant colorful flowers along the side of the walkway to make it more appealing for your customers. 

Hire a landscape contractor to help you design landscaping for your business. They will have many more tips on things you can do, such as using landscape lighting, installing an irrigation system, and much more. To learn more, contact a company like Owen's Mowing.