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5 Steps To Design A Destination Within Your Backyard

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Is your yard in need of structure, something of visual interest, or help getting people outside? If so, then what you may need to do is design a destination. A destination in the landscape is any feature farther inside the landscape that actively invites people to come out and use it. But how can you craft a great backyard destination? Here are a few steps to take.

1. Locate What the Yard Offers

First, assess your yard's strengths and what resources you have at your disposal to create a destination with. Is there a good view from anywhere? A well-watered section where the plants regularly look lush and thrive? Is it sheltered from the wind or does it have good shade from the sun? Do you have any unused backyard furnishings that could be repurposed? Let these elements help you find inspiration. 

2. Decide on a Goal

To make an effective destination within your yard, you must first decide what you want it to do. Do you want individuals to come out and sit for a while? To create a reading nook? To showcase your best flowers? To get groups outdoors more often? Or just to add a beautiful focal point? Focusing on this goal will then inform the size, materials, furnishings, and location of the destination. 

3. Make a Welcoming Route

If the goal is to get people out into your destination, they must feel invited and welcomed to it. It should also be easy and comfortable to reach the end goal. This usually means building a wide, easy, and enjoyable walking route. It may need good lighting, both to make it feel safer and to make it appealing throughout the day. Many property owners also make the route interesting by adding other features to enjoy along the way. 

4. Give It a Surprise

Reward people for reaching your backyard destination by giving them a surprise or two. This could be bold and surprising uses of colors, comfortable seating, a relaxing water feature, or a butterfly garden, for instance. Keep the destination fresh by changing the surprises in it on occasion. 

5. Make It Low Maintenance

Creating a landscape destination is just the first step. You must also keep it neat, tidy, safe, and inviting all year long. The best way to accomplish this is by designing it for low maintenance. Use drip irrigation to keep plants happy. Opt for native plants which are hardy and need less work. Use sturdy hardscape materials that hold up well in all weather. And arrange for regular pruning and landscape care.

Where to Start

Ready to start work on your own backyard destination? Begin by meeting with a landscape designer like Ranch On 6 in your area today. With their help and your creative vision, you'll create a wonderful destination everyone will love finding.