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How To Time Your Tree Service Projects

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When trying to devise potential tree solutions, it's often best to time the work if you want to achieve good results. If you're not facing an emergency that calls for tree services, you can follow these three recommendations for timing the work better.

Learn the Types of Trees

Trees all have their quirks based on the species. You don't want to treat them all the same because some are heartier than others. Remove a leaf from each tree, and then look at a tree guide to identify the type of plant you're dealing with. This will provide a starting point for learning what its cycle is and how it will respond to different tree services choices.

Know the Climate Zone

Every region of the country has a climate zone that affects when plants go through certain stages during the year. Trees in a very southern zone aren't going to bud at the same times as trees in a very northern one. Everything in terms of timing tree services, especially the more aggressive interventions like trimming, follows from the climate zone. Be aware there will be microclimates in your locality and property, too, even if it's a small one. A house might be in Zone 6 on the map, for example, but the location's altitude and topography might leave it acting more like a Zone 5 site. When in doubt, have a tree services professional visit your location and tell you which zone best matches.


Now that you know which zone your trees are living in, you'll need to determine when the tree goes dormant. You can check the species of the tree against the climate zone to get an idea of when it will enter dormancy. Folks often assume they should work on a tree during the growing season. This is fine if you're doing relatively minor things like trimming back some weaker and smaller branches. However, a tree will usually recover better from more aggressive work, such as cutting a large limb, during its dormant period. Why does this happen? The growing season consumes a lot of a tree's energy. It can only budget so much energy, and healing from a removed limb will create problems. The tree has surplus energy for healing in the dormant season, and it should do better as a consequence. Ideally, you want to schedule tree services projects for these periods if you're worried the plant will need additional time to recover.

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