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Landscaping Tips For Frequent Travelers

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Traveling can be so much fun, but it does take you away from your home for long periods. This can make it harder to care for your home, including caring for the landscaping. You don't want to come home to an overgrown lawn or a flower bed filled with weeds. And you don't have to — if you follow the landscaping tips below.

Hire professionals to mow your lawn.

Mowing your own lawn can be tough when you travel a lot. You may plan on doing it when you're home for a few days between trips, but what if those days happen to be wet and rainy? It's a lot easier to hire a professional landscaping company to do your mowing. This way, it will be done on a regular schedule, which is better for your grass, and you won't have to try squeezing it in during your limited hours at home.

Choose garden plants that don't need a lot of water.

It's hard to keep up with watering when you're away. While you can pay landscaping contractors to mow for you, this is not always necessary if you choose your plants wisely. Ask your landscaper to recommend plants that can tolerate drought and those that don't need much water to thrive. Many species of sedums work well. So do marigolds and various salvia species.

Mulch your garden beds.

Mulching your garden beds will simplify your landscaping work a lot. The mulch will keep weed growth down, and it will also trap moisture in the soil so your plants have something to drink while you're away. Most landscaping companies will come out and spread wood mulch for you. But if you prefer a DIY approach, you can generally arrange to have them drop off the mulch so you can spread it yourself.

Invest in preventatives.

When you're away a lot, dealing with something like a weed infestation or insect infestation can be a real pain. You don't want to have to reschedule a trip because you have to treat your lawn! As such, it's a good idea to have a landscaper come pre-treat your lawn every spring. They can spread a pre-emergent weed killer, which will prevent weeds from germinating in the first place. They can also spread an insecticide to keep grubs and other bugs away.

You don't have to choose between traveling and having a nice landscape. With the tips above, you can have both.