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Landscape Design Ideas That Save Time On Care

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Do you wish you didn't have to spend so much time caring for your landscape? That doesn't mean you can't have a nice landscape. It just means you need to design your landscape in a way that lets it get by with less care. This is often easiest to do when you work with a landscape designer and make a completely fresh start. Here are some tips for creating a care-saving design.

Arrange garden beds to be within easy reach with a hose.

Try to place your garden beds in a way that makes them easy to water. For example, you could organize them all around a central location, which would allow you to stand in the middle with the hose and water all of the garden beds without walking around too much. If you have more money in your budget, then you can have your landscaper design your garden beds with built-in sprinklers. This way, all you need to do to water your gardens is turn a valve.

Use stone mulch.

Wood mulch is really popular and affordable, but it does require a lot of care. You have to sweep the mulch back into the garden beds when it gets scattered out in the grass. You also have to top off the mulch every spring. Stone mulch requires a lot less care. Once the stones are in place, you never have to replace them. They don't break down, and they don't become dislodged very easily. Stone also tends to do a better job of keeping weed growth down as it is heavier and places more pressure on the soil.

Choose slow-growing shrubs.

If you include shrubs in your landscape design, they will need to be trimmed. However, some shrubs need to be trimmed more often than others. You'll want to look for slow-growing shrubs that will only need to be trimmed once a year. Good slow-growing shrubs include:

  • Laurels
  • Boxwoods
  • Dwarf Mugo Pine
  • Japanese holly

Ask your landscape designer to show you a few different slow-growing shrubs. You want ones that are native to your area, as they will require less additional watering and fertilization throughout the year.

The landscaping design tips above can come in really handy. They will minimize the amount of care your landscape will need once everything is planted and set up. Talk to your landscaper to learn more. It's not unusual for clients to request low-maintenance landscaping. For more information, contact a company like Diamond Lawn Care & Landscape LLC.