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Artificial Turf Products That Will Improve Your Landscape

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Synthetic turf products resemble natural grass. Using artificial grass will eliminate needing to worry about drought conditions or the costs of keeping your lawn irrigated. Consider using artificial turf to complete one of the following projects.

A Sporting Area

Artificial grass can withstand heavy usage. Running or walking on a turf product will not damage the synthetic materials that a turf product is made of. Nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene are three manmade products that synthetic turf is made of. Turf can be used to create a sporting area that comprises one part of your yard.

A landscaper can add turf to a symmetrical or asymmetrical area. You may want to use turf to create a putting green or to set up an area where your youngsters can play soccer or another team sport. Turf can be designed to fit into a fenced-in area. Paving stones or brick pavers can also be coordinated with the design of a sporting area.

A Poolside Feature

Exiting your pool may currently necessitate that you put on your shoes as you are walking back into your home. If your property contains a lot of dirt-covered surfaces, installing turf over them will provide you with an aesthetically pleasing area to walk upon when spending time outdoors. Turf that is set up alongside a pool will add brilliant color to your landscape design.

Artificial turf products may be manufactured to resemble Bermuda grass, rye grass, or another popular grass variety. If you reside in a climate that doesn't support the growth of a particular grass variety that you are fond of, you can invest in an artificial product that looks exactly like the grass variety that you prefer.

A Pet Area

Artificial grass products are resistant to staining and tears. If you have pets, you are likely to notice the type of damage that they can do to your lawn. An artificial grass product that contains short blades can be scrubbed clean as needed.

Some turf products that will greatly improve your landscape include a cushion feature. The bottom of the turf will be cushioned and the top of the turf will be soft to the touch. This type of turf will absorb shock. If you own an elderly dog that has joint issues, the addition of a pet area that contains artificial grass will provide your dog with a safe and comfortable area to relax and play.

For more information about artificial turf, contact a local supplier.