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Common Myths About Custom Landscape Curbing

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Looking to add some hardscape features to your landscape? If so, concrete curbing may be one option that comes up as something to consider. Custom landscape curbing is an easy way to highlight certain areas of your landscape, add a visual dimension to appreciate, and even support certain plants and trees on your property. Yet, there are quite a few myths associated with these curbs. Take a look at a few myths associated with custom curbing and the actual facts you should know.  

Myth: Landscape curbs only last a few years at most. 

Landscape curbs made of concrete can last for decades with the proper care. Even though these curbs do not require a lot of maintenance or upkeep, they may need to be sealed every few years to keep the concrete from being vulnerable to moisture. However, with a good sealer replacement every few years, you could easily see the landscape implements last for many years. 

Myth: Custom landscape curbing is an unreasonably expensive investment. 

On average, a property owner will spend around $1,346 for concrete curb installation in their landscape. While this cost may sound expensive, you have to consider that the curbs will be one of those property investments that could potentially serve your home and property for many years to come. Not only do the curbs give your property's curb appeal a boost, but they can also make your landscape far easier to maintain, which also makes the investment worth it. 

Myth: Installing concrete curbs in your landscape is hard on the natural environment. 

Installing custom landscape curbing is no harder on the natural environment than installing a concrete walkway or driveway. In fact, the installation of these concrete barriers may even be beneficial to certain plants. For example, if you have trees that require a substantial amount of water, bordering the base of the tree with a round curb filled with mulch will ensure the tree roots stay properly saturated. 

Myth: Custom curbing is only available in a few designs. 

On the contrary, there are numerous style options when you opt for custom landscape curbing. You have the liberty to choose from a number of hues thanks to the availability of different cement pigments that can be added to the mix. Further, there are a number of shape options and different finishes that can be used to give the curbs a unique look that suits your design preferences. 

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