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5 Lawn Care Tips For Dog Owners

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Your backyard lawn is the perfect place for your pup to play and rest, but a dog can be hard on the landscaping. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect the lawn and maintain attractive landscaping, all while keeping your dog safe.

1. Overseed Annually

Grass is resilient, but your dog can still wear it down. Overseeding it annually will fill in spots that are bare due to pet damage while thickening up the rest of the lawn so it can withstand more wear and tear. You can reseed with the same type of lawn grass, or you can ask your lawn service to use a grass variety that is known to be more durable and that grows well in your area. Kentucky bluegrass, for example, is prized for its resilience against heavy use damage.

2. Keep It Long

A longer lawn can be more durable against heavy wear. You don't want it to be too long, though, as then it will get matted down when walked across. Instead, simply ask your lawn service to leave it 1/2 to 1 inch taller than usual. This slightly extra length is all that's needed to make your lawn a bit more durable against the frequent passing of paws.

3. Reduce the Nitrogen

Dog urine contains a lot of nitrogen. So does standard lawn fertilizer. Too much nitrogen results in dead areas of the lawn wherever there is a double dose of urine and fertilizer. Your lawn service can alter their fertilizer routine so that less nitrogen is applied in the areas that your dog most often frequents. This cuts down on yellowing and dead spots without compromising the lawn's nutrient needs.

4. Ask for Mulch

Sometimes it's easier to landscape around your dog's habits rather than change them. If your pup is wearing paths into the lawn, talk to your lawn care service about installing mulched paths. For example, dogs often tend to walk the grass down along the fence line, so mulching along the base of the fence instead of growing a lawn looks good and provides a damage-free pathway for your dog.

5. Keep It Clean

Debris, like broken branches, around the yard can injure your pup. Leaf piles can also harbor fleas and ticks. Many lawn care services provide seasonal cleanup services. They will remove fallen limbs, rake and clean mulched areas, and clean up dead leaves and plants at the end of the season. A cleaner lawn looks better and is healthier for your pet.

Contact a lawn care service for more help with your landscaping.