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4 Landscaping Tips To Help You Create A Beautiful Yard That Doesn't Need A Lot Of Care

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A beautifully landscaped yard is something you can be proud of and that makes you feel happy every time you pull into your driveway. However, you may not be very good with plants and find it difficult to care for them. You may have trouble coming up with a design using plant beds, rocks, flowers, or trees. If so, hire a landscaping service to develop a plan and put in the elements. You can also hire a landscaping service to keep your lawn cut and tidy so you can have a beautiful yard with very little effort on your part. Here are four landscaping tips for a yard that's easy to maintain.

1. Choose Hardy Plants That Last Through All Seasons

If you don't want to work in your yard too much, then choose plants known for thriving even when neglected. Also, choose plants that last through the seasons and are a permanent part of your yard. Flowers are beautiful and add color, but they'll fade away and die when cold weather sets in. Flowers require a lot of care, so you may not want to bother with them unless you use flowers in pots that are easy to throw out and that won't disrupt your landscape when they die.

2. Install An Irrigation System

Just like your lawn needs water to be lush, your landscaping plants need plenty of water to thrive. The easiest solution is to have an irrigation system installed so the plants around the foundation of your home and other places are watered automatically. Ideally, the system will also water your entire lawn so your grass stays healthy and green.

3. Use Mulch To Keep The Soil Hydrated

Mulch keeps water from evaporating too fast so plants have moisture available. Mulch is also attractive. It comes in different colors and types, so it can add texture, color, and beauty to your yard. You might want multicolored pebbles, wood strips or chips, or even rubber mulch that doesn't rot away. Mulch can be used in plant beds, around trees, and to make walkways in your yard. Mulch is an important landscaping element that also keeps your plants healthier and controls weeds.

4. Think Of Future Growth With Trees

A landscaping service is a good resource when helping you select trees for your yard. Trees add shade and beauty, but they need to be placed properly so they don't become troublemakers. Learn how quickly the trees you like grow and how high they grow. You'll also want to know how wide the crown gets. This information helps you choose a good spot for a tree so it won't grow against your house or into power lines. If you plant a tree with the potential to have a large crown, you may need to trim the branches frequently to control its growth.

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