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Form And Function: Benefits Of Landscape Retaining Walls

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Landscape retaining walls are a great addition to any garden or backyard. Not only do they add definition and depth to your landscape, but they can also hold back soil and prevent erosion. However, many homeowners may be unsure of where they can use retaining walls and what materials are best for their needs. Consider some areas where retaining walls can be used and the benefits they offer.

Garden Beds

Retaining walls are commonly used in garden beds to add an extra dimension and provide a border for your plants. They can be made from a range of materials such as concrete, stone, or timber and can also be curved to create a more organic shape. Retaining walls also prevent soil from spilling over from the garden beds and protect plants from erosion damage.

Pathways and Stairs

Another area where retaining walls are handy is for constructing pathways and stairs. Using retaining walls allows for a smooth and even path or stairway that will not shift or become uneven over time. Furthermore, the walls can hold back soil and prevent erosion from washing pathways or stairs away.

Sloping Terrain

If you live on a slope, retaining walls can be a practical solution to control erosion and improve the look of your landscape. Retaining walls can be built on terraced levels that will provide stability and offer more flat surfaces for planting or seating areas. Additionally, retaining walls can be used as a foundation for fences or other structures on a sloping terrain.

Water Features

Retaining walls can also be utilized for constructing water features such as garden ponds or waterfalls. The walls can create water holds or pools and also build height for impressive water cascades. 

Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Retaining walls can also be incorporated into outdoor entertainment areas such as patios or fire pits. Using retaining walls to build raised seating areas around the fire pit or patio adds definition and gradient to your outdoor entertaining space.

Retaining walls offer practical and aesthetic benefits to any landscape. With an array of materials available, designing a customized retaining wall that fits your space is possible. Look around your landscape and consider where retaining walls could create an attractive, value-added feature. They provide a sense of peace and practicality to any landscape and long-term protection and stability. Hire a professional landscaper to help you with your retaining wall project and enjoy your new and improved landscape.