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Need To Sell Your Home But You Have Neglected Your Lawn And Exterior? What To Do Fast

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If you are selling your home and you haven't taken the best care of the exterior, you want to make some changes before you put the property on the market. If you live in an area where most people keep up with manicuring their lawns, washing the house, and making sure that their home looks great from the street, you don't want your house to stand out because it doesn't look up to par. Instead, get help from these different professionals and make the necessary changes to get the attention of buyers.

Professional Pressure Washing

There are many areas of the home that can be cleaned with a pressure washer on the exterior. Some of the areas you want to have washed include:

  • Roofing shingles
  • Exterior siding, brick, and windows
  • Wood patios
  • Driveway and walkways around the property

The pressure washing can eliminate the dirt and debris that is currently making the house look worn or dingy, and can make everything look clean and like it was well-maintained over time.

Professional Landscaping

If you don't have a great yard, and you think that it may be devaluing the property, it's time to let the professional landscaping experts help. They can not only mow and trim, but fertilize to make the grass green, thick, and soft. The lawn care professionals can help you add some bushes, flowers, or other plants to make the house look welcoming, rich with greenery, and well-manicured. This could be the first factor that wows buyers when they pull up or drive by.

Exterior Feature Updates

Some features of the outside of the home may need to be updated. Outdated gold or brass lighting fixtures should be replaced with black, stainless, nickel-brushed metal or other modern options. Metal awnings should be removed, outdated shutters should be replaced or painted, and you want to get rid of any eye-catching feature that makes the property look old.  

These are just some of the things that you'll know you want to do, and then your real estate agent may have some other suggestions to explore. Investing some money into the exterior of your property will be worth the funds spent, because if the house doesn't look suitable or maintained on the outside people won't want to go in the front door or look at the property. Find out what changes need to be made and put the time and money in.