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Five Reasons To Install A Lawn Sprinkler System

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An automatic sprinkler system is more than a convenience, it can also provide many other benefits.

1. Save Time

One of the best reasons to install automatic sprinklers is because it will save you time. You won't have to spend hours every week watering by hand or adjusting your schedule so that you can be home to turn on a manual sprinkler at the right time. You can simply decide when you want to water and for how long, then set the automatic sprinklers to follow this schedule. Other than some basic spring and fall maintenance, automatic sprinklers take up very little time.

2. Reduce Water Usage

A lot of water can be lost when you are trying to water by hand, especially if you use a sprinkler that attaches to a garden hose. These types of sprinklers tend to throw water high into the air, so a lot is lost to evaporation and wind before it ever makes it to your lawn. This means you have to water longer or more frequently do the water loss. The result can be higher water bills than necessary. A sprinkler system can be equipped with low spraying emitters so that water loss won't be a problem.

3. Improve Lawn Health

A properly irrigated lawn is a healthy lawn. One of the best times to water a lawn to avoid fungus problems is in the early morning, just before the sun rises. Most people don't want to get up this early to water, though. Further, a sprinkler system ensures that water is supplied evenly over the lawn, so you don't end up with dry areas where the lawn dies out and weeds encroach. Watering a consistent amount on a set schedule also helps grass develop a strong root system.

4. Increase Home Value

When shopping for a home, both the appearance and the ease of maintenance of the landscape can affect homebuyer interest. A sprinkler system helps provide your home with a greener lawn, which can help increase the value. Further, the ease of having a system already installed can also make your home more valuable in the eyes of a potential homebuyer.

5. Avoid Forgetfulness

When watering by hand, you need to keep track of when and how much you watered, otherwise you may skip a watering by accident and end up with a dead lawn. You can also water too much, which will also suffocate and kill your grass. Since a sprinkler system is pre-programmed, you never have to worry about forgetting the watering schedule.

Contact a lawn sprinkler installation service for more help.